Thomas Deeb, Software Developer


Welcome to my personal site! I'm a passionate software developer with years of experience developing software on my own and at companies of varying sizes. I find delight in making compelling game experiences that players can enjoy for years down the road. I'm proficient in C-based languages and game engines and frameworks such as Unity and MonoGame.

My hobbies include working on my own game projects, contributing to free software, and writing chiptune music.

I'm an advocate of Free Software and strongly believe that it is a requirement for a free society in the digital age we live in. Insisting on free software asserts that people have the right to study and improve on works and share their knowledge with others.

All of my recent projects are free software, and all of my new projects will follow suite. I believe that we must take action now in order to secure a future where technology empowers and works for everyone, rather than just the self-interest of corporations. The ever-growing contemporary injustices of proprietary software highlight the urgency for us to reclaim our rights in the digital realm. It is wrong for proprietary software to undermine our privacy and autonomy, and to dictate how we can use the devices we rightfully own.

However you arrived at this site, I'm glad you're here and hope you enjoy your stay! You can learn more about me and view my portfolio.

For business inquiries, please email me.